My Review of the Elux Flow 600

The Elux Flow 600 is a disposable vape gives that is highly compact. Each Elux Flow 600 disposable vape offers approximately 600 puffs per device and is operated by a 500mAh battery.

The Elux Flow 600 is fired up by inhale activation which makes it extremely user-friendly and easy to use for vapers of all experience levels. Each device contains 2ml of nicotine salt e-liquid of your choice of 20mg nicotine strength.

Although Elux offer a vast array of flavours I can only review the products I’ve used myself and will update the reviews as I get through every flavour on the market.

  • Pineapple – The single flavour Pineapple delivers the distinct flavour of Pineapple with tropical fruit undertone and to my surprise is one of my best selling Elux products. The popularity speaks volumes and although it’s not my preferred choice, their exists a definite unique market for this particular flavour.
  • Red Apple Ice – Amazingly captures the flavours of red juicy apples with added Ice, a real refreshing taste for vapers who prefer a single fruit which is easily identifiable. Conjures up the feeling of taking the first bite into a shiny, delicious red apple.
  • Watermelon Ice – A sweet Watermelon, boasting one of the juiciest and refreshing flavours on the market with a hint of Ice adding a hint of fizziness. This is one of the most realistic flavours but not as strong as the Geek Bar S600 if you’re looking for a more mellow flavour.
  • Blueberry Sour Raspberry – A classic amongst experienced vaper and the Elux flavour is up there with the best of them. If this is one of your preferred flavours, this one is definitely not one to be missed. Flavour as akin to it’s the Elux legend Mini.
  • Lychee Ice – Another one of my favourites, the delicious taste of exotic Lychees with a hint of Ice. This flavour particular leaves you mouth feel refreshed with a nice aftertaste of Lychees if you are a fan of the fruit. Highly recommend trying this!
  • Passion Fruit – A sweet exotic fruity flavour of Passion Fruit that doesn’t lose its flavour, if you’re a fan of exotic fruits, this is another one not to be missed.
  • Grape Raspberry – A great blend of sweet grapes and a tang of raspberry. In my opinion the two fruits make a great combination if you’re new to vaping or an experienced enthusiast.
  • Tiger Blood – A combination of a fruit blend delivering a combination of a hint of fizzy notes combined with a slushy Ice making it an ideal all-day vape. Also available in the Elux Legend Mini series.

Other flavours are continuously being added to stock and further reviews will follow.