Here at Squire Vape Co we are dedicated to assist you quit smoking. As the government have set a target for England to be smoke-free by 2030 our ambition is to encourage you to quit smoking now by switching to e-cigarettes / disposable vapes.

What are the benefits from switching from smoking to vaping?

There are many good reasons why switching from tobacco to e-cigarettes could be your best way to quit the deadly tobacco:

  • E-cigarettes are considered 95% safer than tobacco by Cancer Research, Public Health England, The British heart Foundation and the British Lung Foundation.
  • A 2021 review found people who used e-cigarettes to quit smoking, as well as having expert face-to-face support, can be up to twice as likely to succeed as people who used other nicotine replacement products, such as patches or gum.
  • The average smoking spends £2000 per year on tobacco/cigarettes where vaping would be at least half the cost.
  • You may have seen stories about the myth of “Popcorn Lung” there has not been one case recorded in the UK
  • You can keep the habit you enjoy, such as a smoke after dinner or socialising and the ‘Hand to mouth’ action that mimics a cigarette.
  • The government will keep increasing duty on cigarettes until it becomes even more of an expensive habit as they try and hit their 2030 target.
  • Nicotine is no more harmful than caffeine

Did you know the third day after you quit smoking is often the hardest one? This is because day three is when the nicotine levels in your body are depleted which can cause moodiness and irritability, severe headaches, and cravings as your body adjusts. Opting for a safer nicotine delivery device will help with the awful cravings.


Nicotine is the main addictive drug in tobacco that makes quitting so hard. Cigarettes are designed to rapidly deliver nicotine to your brain.

Inside your brain, nicotine triggers the release of chemicals that make you feel good. As nicotine stimulates parts of your brain over and over, your brain gets used to having nicotine around.

`Of course there are many other benefits including the biggest one which means you get to live longer and put more money in your pocket to help with the cost  of living crisis.

The British Lung Foundation have recognised people with COPD have less flare-ups during the year, in fact I have had COPD for 10 years and not had a single flare-up in symptoms in the year  I switched to e-cigarettes. I usually had 4–5 per year which means no antibiotics or steroids needed and my oxygen levels have increased.

The sooner you quit smoking tobacco the sooner your body starts to heal.

Not only can we assist you quit smoking we can offer advice on what devices/flavours you might benefit from the most. We are always available if you have any questions.

Our intention is to not just sell disposable vapes but the help you quit smoking and prevent you from becoming a statistic of the 78,000 smokers who die every year in the UK.

As the number one vaping website in Suffolk we are here to help. While we may not be the cheapest we pride ourselves on the extra services and support we offer.

Your days are filled with routines that you associate with smoking. When you quit it may be hard for you to do these routines without a cigarette in your hand.

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Many people connect smoking with things they do during the day, like taking breaks, drinking a cup of coffee, finishing a meal, talking with friends, or using the phone. These are called triggers.

With e-cigarettes you do not have to sacrifice any of these as we campaign for Tobacco Harm Reduction.

Quit-smoking by vaping helps with the first challenge by reducing cravings and withdrawal symptoms like being irritable and having trouble concentrating and sleeping.

You can gradually reduce the nicotine content when you feel ready.

Quitting smoking may cause short-term problems, especially for those who have smoked a large number of cigarettes for a long period of time.

Feeling sad or anxious:

People who quit smoking are likely to feel depressed, anxious, irritable and restless, and may have difficulty sleeping or concentrating.

Gaining weight: Increased appetite is a common withdrawal symptom after quitting smoking, and studies show that people who quit smoking increase their food intake. Although most smokers gain less than 10 pounds, for some people the weight gain can be troublesome. Regular physical activity can help people maintain a healthy weight.

Depression, anxiety, restlessness, weight gain and other problems are symptoms of nicotine withdrawal. Many people find that nicotine replacement products and other medicines may relieve these problems. However, even without medication, withdrawal symptoms and other problems do subside over time. It helps to keep in mind that people who kick the smoking habit have the opportunity for a healthier future.

Again, opting for safer nicotine can help with all these symptoms.

Did you know quitting smoking can improve your mental health?

Scientists have found that quitting smoking improves symptoms of some mental health conditions, including depression. People find that their mood improves after they quit smoking. They also have a more positive outlook.


People with diagnosed mental illnesses such as depression, anxiety, or schizophrenia may use cigarettes to offset the side effects of psychiatric medications. People with anxiety sometimes mistake withdrawal symptoms for the symptoms of a panic attack. A cigarette can mask these feelings, so the person might come to believe that smoking helps with their anxiety symptoms.

Get healthier now.

Tobacco products are very addictive. You might find using them pleasurable. However, the adverse effects on your physical and mental health are serious problems. Giving up tobacco is one way to get healthier right away. Talk to your doctor if you want more tips on how to quit smoking.

  You can find your local smoke-free service here;

As an ex-smoker for 40 years, it was easy to keep putting it off or finding an excuse not to quit. My message is clear, start making plans, set a date and stick to it. Every cigarette you smoke knocks 11 minutes off your life.

We are here to help!