Firstly I want to thank everyone who has supported my blogs and my drive towards helping people quit smoking. Unfortunately my website is being attacked by environmentalists namely Less Waste Laura who is full of her own self-importance. Scotland’s own Greta Thunberg!

I will leave you with a few statistics to mull over.

70,000 people die every year in the UK from tobacco smoke related diseases, disposable vapes have an important role to play in this, mainly because their ease of use, especially for someone who wants to try to quit by vaping and the older generation and mentally challenged can find them easy to use without the complicated set-up of a proper vape and also gives the opportunity to try different flavours.

The media corporation loves a good scare story about vaping while ignoring the financial and health costs tobacco smoking brings

What are the top ten polluters of the ocean?

  • Cigarettes (2,117,931)
  • Food wrappers / Containers (1,140,222)
  • Beverage Bottles (1,065,171)
  • Plastic Bags (1,019,902)
  • Caps / Lids (958,893)
  • Cups, plates, forks, knives, spoons (692,767)
  • Straws / Stirrers (611,048)
  • Glass beverage bottles (521,730)
  • Beverage cans (339,875)
  • Paper Bags (298,332)

So what will happen if disposable vapes are banned?

If we’ve learned anything prohibition leads to a black market.

What about teenage vaping?

Look no further than corner shops and convenience stores selling them to minors including illegal vapes.

Let’s have a closer look at Scotland

Scotland has long had the highest drug-related death rate of any country in Europe. According to data from the National Records of Scotland, in 2020 there were a record 1,339 drug-related deaths, with figures for 2021 showing a decrease of just nine from the year before.


Some 21,480 people in Scotland were admitted to a general acute hospital with an alcohol-related diagnosis in 2020/21 data shows.

Alcohol Focus Scotland described alcohol as the country’s “drug of choice” and called for further investment in support and treatment services.

1,245 people died from conditions caused by alcohol in Scotland in 2021, according to latest figures published by National Records of Scotland.

Of those who died from alcohol-specific causes, two thirds were male. The average age of deaths of those who died from these causes was 58.7 years for females and 59.7 years for males.

SNP health failures laid bare as NHS Scotland opts for ‘one in one out’ patient system at gridlocked hospitals

The situation is so bad that an Aberdeen hospital has been slammed online after an elderly woman was reportedly left on a hospital trolley in a corridor for nearly 24 hours after spending five hours in an ambulance.

Dr Lailah Peel, deputy chair of the British Medical Association in Scotland said the system began after Nicola Sturgeon announced a 95 per cent capacity, shaking hospitals into taking action.

She said hearing that Scottish hospitals were “almost completely full”, was “maybe fine for a nightclub” but “not so great if it’s your granny sat outside your local A&E in an ambulance”.

Taking all this into account I’d say “Less Waste Laura” has more problems on her own doorstep.

A quick look at her website shows that some of the pictures are obviously staged. Instead of looking for solutions she’d rather create problems to boost her own ego.


Where do I go from here?

As I wind down my website I am now actively involved in a charity assisting some of the most vulnerable people out of poverty and supporting their mental health.

I don’t know why she is targeting my small family business run from home, sending her stooges over to my website, yes it’s amazing the technology of AI, I can see who refers them and where they are from.

Anyway great work in condemning many smokers to a long and painful death, if you are lucky enough to have quit smoking by vaping pop over and let her know.

Have a great life and it’s ‘over and out’ from me.